General info

Please email the event date, time and any additional info to  to get a quote:

- Flamenco can not be done on a tiled or carpeted floor, please indicate if we need to quote for a floor.
- A Flamenco performance needs a minimum of 3 performers, no matter the duration of the show.
- We do not use recorded music or CDs, but live musicians.
- We never quote per dancer, but per show, where the show has been designed for best outcome within the parameters given by the client.
- It is most cost effective to book a continuous performance than separate sets/ numbers with different performance times, as separate sets require a - change of wardrobe, re-warm up, more time at the venue.
- SoloFLAMENCO requires a secure and well lit room for the artists

- 50% deposit is required 30 days before the performance date to the secure booking Bookings are only confirmed when a deposit is received
- The full amount is due 2 days before the performance
- If an event is cancelled 20 days before the actual event, you will forfeit the 50% deposit
- If an event is cancelled within the 20 days prior to the event, the full fee will become payable

“culturally one was transported to southern Spain, visually glued to beautiful dancers expressing every emotion through dance – and at a ferocity that captivated everyone....extraordinary performance of music, passion and force ... we were mesmerised” — Jonathan Riley - Octagon Broadcasting