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SPOTLIGHT on Fadziso Choto

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

I think there's not a soul at SoloFLAMENCO who does not adore Fadziso Choto: one of the most unpretentious drop-dead gorgeous girls in the studio … actually she is a woman in her late twenties, but she still looks like a teenager and is treated as such by her near-geriatric class-mates who constantly bombard her with life-advice.

Fadzi can dance, she understands compas, has fast feet, coordinated correctly from day one and works hard. Yes, so everybody likes Fadzi!

But there is so much more to to this girl: she is a speech-language therapist who has just launched her own artisanal skincare and beauty product range called Bushflower and she manages an Airbnb with her mom.

Why Bushflower?

I started cooking up my own hair concoctions back in 2013, and for a while I kept them to myself , then I started giving my friends and eventually my friends started suggesting I sell them. Even though I always knew I wanted to start some kind of business and had even brainstormed names, I didn’t take the idea too seriously. Then in late 2016, when I’d returned to Cape Town after living in Hoedspruit (the actual bush!), the idea of actually selling my products really started to take root. The name was always going to include flowers of some sort, because I’m that girl and I finally settled on the name Bushflower, inspired by all the delicate-looking but resilient little flowers you find in the bush. 

What on earth made you experiment with Broccoli in a beauty product, and how do you remove the green colour from the final product?

On one of my endless internet surfing sessions I discovered that broccoli seed oil contains a fatty acid which acts like silicon by smoothing out the hair, but which doesn’t leave a tough, impenetrable layer of on your hair strands, unlike silicon. I was like “I have to have that!” As far as removing the green colour, nature is funny – the vegetable is green but the oil is more of a deep gold. I didn’t have to remove any green at all!

What exactly does a speech-language therapist do, and what do you enjoy most of your job?

Speech therapists help individuals – toddlers, kids, teens, adults – to communicate better; specifically when their ability to speak and process language has been impacted by accidents, diseases, disorders, disability or in the case of children, developmental delay. What I enjoy most is seeing improvements in communication, especially when the journey to get there has been long and hard. It feels very rewarding in those cases. 

How do you manage to do so many diverse things and not look stressed?

I think I’d be more stressed if I was only doing one thing! I’m quite twitchy and allergic to boredom, so I literally thrive when there’s variety. And for the times I do feel stressed…well, then there’s flamenco!

Why Flamenco?

I discovered flamenco one afternoon in 2012 when I was watching YouTube videos instead of working on an assignment, and that’s one rabbit hole I don’t regret falling into! I was immediately drawn to the rhythm, the movements – how the upper body and lower body seemed to be doing two totally different things – also the fact that the dancers were dressed so nicely! What I enjoy about flamenco is the intricacy of the movements and how down to earth and human it is. And of course, the shoes – I love the shoes!

Do you have something ridiculous you want to do on your bucket list?

I really want to go to space – even if I just get to chill on the space station, or visit the moon or something. I just really want to visit space.

Has Flamenco taught you anything/ what do you enjoy most about coming to flamenco class?

Absolutely! I never knew that rhythm could be such a complex thing – my brain has been challenged in a way I never thought possible. What I really enjoy about coming to flamenco is the actual art form itself, and I also really love the warm, friendly and unjudgemental vibe at SoloFlamenco.

Bushflower Botanicals can be purchased online at www.bushflower.co.za

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