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Three Laws of Flamenco : Tracey Chalmers

Three Laws of Flamenco

For Tanya Diamond

One: Time – You do not command it

The world rang out at the first 


And single time was born: the ripples that still lap from that original contact.


Two: Eating time – Don’t do it!

The camber of our lives collects us in this well of time.

Rootstock that taps into the motherlode.

And, grafted on, is double time.

Then, tripling up, as our percussive feet find common purpose and suspend their usual habit:

gobbling silences between beat and counter beat.

Proximity to such precision drives the rhythm amplifying our lives.

Three: Having duende

What we know is that it is small, hard, dark, scratched yet shiny.

It is wrought.

The tempo draws it out

constructs it.

Our feet concentrate;

and compact it.

What we know is that it is so dense that it draws our heartbeats into the balls of our feet

until the force that binds us all is membrane-thin:

the perfected thud of unison.

By Tracey Chalmers (2018)


© 2020 SoloFLAMENCO